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Andara Roller Essences in Coconut Oil


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Andara Roller Essences in Coconut Oil and Andara Essences

The Andara Rollers are created with our beautiful Andara Essences, and our Soul Scents Essential Blends, with prodominate scents, in a coconut oil base.

Powerful frequencies emanate from each roller.

Use on pulse points as desired.  

You will receive one 10ml Andara Roller Essence. Please choose from the drop down box which Andara Roller Essence you would like. We have:

I Am Intuitive - Spearmint Scented

I Am Accepting - Cinnamon Scented

I Am Love - Sweet Orange

I Am Passionate - Vanilla

I Am Abundant - Mandarin

I Am Grateful - Ylang Ylang

We use both DHL and USPS for postage, depending on where you are situated.

Shipping is $44 global and you need to choose SHIPPING as an item and add to your cart. Shipping for South Africa is included. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. Thank you.