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Angelic Diamond White Light Purity Andara


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The Angelic Diamond White Light Purity Andara assist us in expanding our frequency through detoxification, purification, and cellular clearing, as we release old addictions and collapse and dissolve old earth timelines and all that no longer works for us. These beautiful Andara further assist us to align to our greatest joy through the observational awareness of the Witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am, in all that we express and share as co-creators to our Universe.

Essentially the Angelic Diamond White Light Andara assists us to let go of all that is not working in our lives and to streamline our focus. And with this, to experience all that is Highest Aligned; to be able to jump timelines, and to expand our consciousness to the frequency and energy of what we are creating or co creating with the Pureness of our Light, our Innocence, and our Divinity. Jumping timelines is an art we master as we deepen into zero-point. For all timelines eventually merge into one, and time as we know it, no longer exists for us in the flow of New Earth.

You will receive one Angelic Diamond White Purity Pendant that will be chosen just for you plus a white string and gift pouch.

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